Huzzahs for All!

Too many things are awesome to be specific.

"You know the saddest thing I ever saw? When the army pacifies a native tribe, they take the children away. They cut off their hair, which is a source of spiritual strength to them, you see. They take away their medicine bags, they give them new names. John Smith. William Sherman. Then they ship them East to boarding school."


"That’s not the worst. Sometimes a John Smith or William Sherman would escape and make it back to their home tribe. Well, they’ve forgotten their language, their stories. They are unwelcome. So what do they do? They don’t fit in either world

"Like Miss Ives?"

"Like Miss Ives."

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no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think

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I thought I could handle that on my own. I’m so used to looking after myself.

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"Hello! My name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book."

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